About Us

What We Believe
It is our desire…
**to be ever more devoted servants of God in our community;
**to learn more and more of Christ, and to follow Him faithfully;
**to daily learn God’s truth and apply that truth to our lives;
**to worship God with all our hearts and minds, souls and strength;
**to invite and welcome those around us to know and worship Jesus, and have a church family where all feel at home;
**to find meaningful ways to minister to and with youth, young adults, and families;
**to be involved in the lives of our members and in our community in ways that bring hope, healing, and life in Jesus Christ;
**to maintain the tradition and heritage of faithfulness and Christian community that has characterized St. John-Hill Church for over 250 years.

Our History
In 1735 the baptisms of German-Reformed persons were recorded being performed in the Willow Valley Church area.  In the following years the name of the church changed from Willow Valley to Corn Church to the Oley Mountain Church and finally to the Hill Church.  These early baptisms began the ministry of what was to become St. John-Hill United Church of Christ.

In 1741 the Evangelical Lutherans in the area purchased 50 acres of land for church and school purposes.  With help from the German-Reformed and other neighbors, they built a log and wood church building in 1747.  In appreciation, the Lutherans permitted the Reformed to hold services in the church, bury their dead in the adjoining cemetery, and send their children to the proposed school when erected.  In 1785 the Lutherans sold half of the interest of the church to German-Reformed Congregation.  From this time it was designated as a Union Church.

In 1786 the log church was torn down and a larger structure of stone was erected.  Both congregations voted to demolish that building in 1852 and a new one of stone was built which is the one that stands today.

In 1886 the church was entirely remodeled, painted, and refurnished, including window of stained glass.  A steeple and bell were also added.

After the close of World War I in 1919, the joint congregations erected a monument as a memorial to the young men of the congregation who had served in the war.  Also 200 maple trees were planted as a Memorial Grove and two years later a pavilion was erected.  Electric lights were installed in the church in 1921 and new Memorial stained glass windows in 1925.

In 1952 a parish house, or Sunday School, was added and in 1953 the sanctuary was repaired and renovated extensively.  The Union Church was dissolved in 1981 with St. Joseph's Hill Lutheran Church leaving to build a new church and St. John-Hill United Church of Christ buying the Lutheran share.

St. John-Hill United Church of Christ
The historic church serving today's people.

620 Hill Church Road
Boyertown, PA 19512