When we meet:
The second Tuesday of each month, 7:00 pm at the church. All are welcome to attend.

How to get involved:
Contact the Pastor or any member of the Consistory to inquire about joining the Consistory. New Consistory members are needed on a yearly basis and each member is nominated and elected for a three year term. There is a maximum term limitation of two terms (6 years).

What we do:
The Consistory is the executive body of this organization. It is to be composed of the pastor, or pastors, and six elders and six deacons, who may be men or women. Five members shall constitute a quorum.

The Consistory shall transact the business of the church, make provision for the determining and raising of the current expense budget for the congregation as well as for the apportionment of the church and other benevolent projects, the distribution of alms through the deacons, the auditing of financial accounts, and the adequate support of the staff of workers. It shall keep a complete and accurate record of its proceedings, be the custodian of all congregational records and report to the congregation at its regular and special meetings. It shall submit any or all records to the Synod as occasion may require or the Synod request.

The Consistory shall approve all bills before payment and shall instruct the president (or vice president) and secretary to sign vouchers authorizing said payment.

The Consistory may authorize any extraordinary expense, but if that expense exceeds $1500 it must receive the approval of the congregation.

The Consistory, through its president, and in consultation with the pastor, shall appoint such committees as it may deem necessary for the accomplishment of its work.

The Consistory shall meet at least once every month for the transaction of such business as may properly come before it. Special meetings subject to the call of the president or pastor may be held.

St. John-HillĀ United Church of Christ
The historic church serving today's people.

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